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Belt Testing Form

Belt Test Request

Congratulations! Your child has earned their fourth stripe on their belt and should begin preparation for their upcoming test. The test is made up of two parts, and we strongly encourage parents to take an active role in the preparation process. 


Part 1: Rules of Engagement

Help your child memorize the five Rules of Engagement (listed below). For children ages 7 and older, they will be asked to recite them in front of the class. For children under 7, although not required, they will have the opportunity to recite the rules if they feel comfortable, and the teacher will help them along if they need assistance.

Rule 1: Avoid the fight at all costs.

Rule 2: If physically attacked, defend yourself.

Rule 3: If verbally attacked, follow the three T-steps: Talk, Tell, Tackle.

Rule 4: Never punch or kick the bully, establish control and negotiate.

Rule 5: When applying submissions, use minimal force and negotiate.

Part 2: The “Bully Battle”

Prior to the belt promotion being awarded, an instructor will evaluate your child’s retention and application of the techniques they’ve been learning by conducting a short and playful “Bully Battle” at the end of class. During this demonstration, an instructor will play the role of the bully and your child will use their verbal and physical techniques to defend themselves and take control the situation.


You can help your child prepare for this demonstration by practicing their techniques at home. For detailed guidance on how to practice, log on to your online account and review the Gracie Bullyproof video lessons. We recommend the Gracie Games videos for Little Champs [ages 5-7] and Gracie Games + Jr. Combatives videos for Jr. Grapplers [ages 7-12].


As an active member at our school, you should have free access to the online Gracie University lesson library. If you have any trouble logging in to your account, please contact


Please click here to complete the form to confirm that your child is ready to be evaluated for promotion consideration.